safe, secure way to browse the web

A new way to create safety while surfing the internet. These days internet security should be a main priority. Protecting ones personal information should never be taken for granted. Are you tired of having your every move on the Internet being tracked by our IT department, ISP and the search engines? Are you concerned about confidential information on your laptops or computers being spied on? Does your business communicate vital or technical knowledge with your customers? MaskMyIp is a secure, sure way to protect ones web surfing history. Mask My IP software replaces your real IP address with a fake one, to help you defend against a form of network attack or surveillance that threatens personal privacy or confidential business activities, etc. Their useful software can be used to hide your real web address with a protected IP address. MaskMyIP Hides your Real IP Address with a Secure, Safe Fake IP Address. MaskMyIP will connect to their servers and gets the most stable, fresh and fast working IP location called a proxy .Their Software allows your to surf the web anonymously with no worries. MaskMyIP Software Blocks ISP Eavesdropping and guards against hackers.Their Software Prevents Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud.
Your full web surfing history will be your business, no one else. Their Software contains No advertising or spam on our anonymous proxy servers. MaskMyIP will you to send emails securely and anonymously. All websites visited or Emails sent using MaskMyIP with your browser will show you are connecting from one of their fake IP addresses. MaskMyIP allows manual or automatic IP changing with easy click settings.Their software is easy and secure to use and protects all Wifi Connections. MaskMyIP software covers a wide range of IP address’s from many different countries. Their software is free to use in the USA with a pro version with different countries. Other countries supported include Taiwan, Spain, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia, Korea, India, Kuwait, Canada, Germany, Japan, Israel, Australia and many others. Their software is 100% safe, clean and secure to use. MaskMyIP Software works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. MaskMyIP can be set to run automatically when you start your computer. MaskMyIP is compatible with all major web browsers, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and more.MaskMyIP is compatible with all types of routers, firewalls, home networks, wireless networks and any other kind of Internet service providers. To download a free version head over to or Download Here and give them a try.